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 About Johanna





My parents flew from communist dictatorship in Romania to West Germany for a free, curious and diverse life. 

As a child I travelled with them all over the world to remote areas. No church, no village, no local curiosity, no encounter was left behind. 

The beauty of the unknown is their legacy  to me and photography a tool maybe to build a bridge, to cross it and to understand the other, myself, the difference and the connection. 

When all else falls away, these experiences remain and photography accelerates them.

For more details see the columns  "Photography and "Others" hereunder below. 



2019 Winner in Maghrebphotography Awards Competition


2019/2018 - 1 year Masterclass with Serge Picard (, Paris 


2019/2018 NYIP New York Institute of Photography, photojournalism graduation

2017 - Masterclass with Ed Kashi ( on Visual Storytelling/ Eyes in Progress, Berlin

2017 Ludovic Carème ( , masterclass on Portraits - Another Yourself, Rencontres à Arles

2017 Summer Workshop Speos Photojournalism, Paris

2016 OFG -Schule, general course on photography, Germany

2012, 2013 Workshops Nikon School, Paris : Black & White, Advanced Photography, Trip to Kenya - Wildlife,

2013 - 2017 regular trips to Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe for wildlife/nature photography, inter alia with Nikon School


2018 - Graduated 200 h Yoga Hatha Vinyasa Teacher, India 

2017 - 1999 Legal Counsel in Multinational Industries & Law Firms  


2008 French Lawyer, University of Paris X, 2008

1999 German Lawyer, University of Hamburg 1997


1998 History of Art Courses, Humboldt University Berlin during legal internship in Berlin, Brandenburg


1999 - 1992 Interpreter for the German government during law studies in Germany (Federal Office for the Recognition of Political Refugees, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (state visitor's service)


1983 Hamburg Opera, Ballet Dance Education under John Neumeier, Hamburg

Fluent in German, English, French, Romanian, Good Basics in Spanish


Nikon  and Olympus 



Paris, France

Hamburg, Germany


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